The Toro Tour team is working on the winter schedule 2022/23 with new venues to come!


The Toro Tour hosts golfers from Europe by providing them with a place to come practice and play.  The vision being that Golf Professionals and amateurs can compete for prize money  as well as WAGR and European Golf Ranking points. This during winter time in sunny  and warm Andalucia!  


Toro Tour will assess each venue and decide on an appropriate distance reduction for each category which will reflect the length  of the course, we aim to provide a fair and competitive tournament for all participants.

Toro Tour rules

All players who register and play our event must stick to the Toro Tour rules. If you have any questions, please contact

Our tournaments are designed for Pro and Amateur players who want to compete during winter time in sunny Spain.

Toro Tour events are recognized by the European Golf Ranking as well as by the World Amateur Golf Ranking WAGR.

Tour manager Calum is an experienced European Tour Golf Caddie and point of contact for our events +34 677 074 577,